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Our company focuses on supplying delicious foods and food ingredients to the world. We are good partners with chefs and gourmets who wish their magic plan to be true! With the slogan “Magic Solution”, we are committed to bringing the most delicious food and ingredients to the entire world.

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By the end of 2023, clients from 97 countries have built business relationships with us. We have established 9 manufacturing bases in China. We are open and welcome your magic ideas! At the same time, we’d like to share the magic experience from 97 countries Chefs and gourmet! Dealing with about 50 sorts of food, such as coating solutions, Sushi solutions, seaweed solutions, sauces solutions, noodles and vermicelli solutions, fry ingredients solutions, kitchen solutions, take away solutions, and so on!

We have focused on R&D team building, to meet different tastes of yours since it commenced. Where there is a will there is a way! With our persistent efforts, we believe that our brands will be recognized by an increasing number of consumers. To achieve this, we are sourcing higher quality raw materials from abundant areas, gathering wonderful recipes, and continually developing our process skills.

We are glad to provide you the suitable specifications and flavors according to your demand. Let’s build up something new for your own market together! We hope our “Magic Solution”can be pleased with you as well as give you a successful surprise from our very own, Beijing Shipuller.

Our Advantages


One of our key strengths lies in our extensive network of 280 joint factories and 9 invested factories, which enables us to offer a remarkable portfolio of over 278 products. Each item is carefully chosen to exude the highest quality and reflect the authentic flavors of Asian cuisine. From traditional ingredients and condiments to popular snacks and ready-to-eat meals, our diverse range caters to the varied tastes and demands of our discerning customers.

As our business continues to thrive and as the demand for Oriental flavors becomes increasingly prominent worldwide, we have successfully expanded our reach. Our products have already been exported to 97 countries and regions, winning the hearts and palates of individuals from different cultural backgrounds. However, our vision extends beyond these milestones. We are committed to bringing even more Asian delicacies to the global stage, thereby allowing individuals all over the world to experience the richness and diversity of Asian cuisine.



Beijing Shipuller Co. Ltd looks forward to being your trusted companion in bringing the exquisite flavors of Asia to your plate.